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Hindu School of Architecture is a new laurel added to the prestigious Sonepat Hindu Educational and Charitable Society. Since last 103 years, the Society has been committed to the creation of a more equitable, merit-based Nation. Hindu School of Architecture is one such endeavor where we aim to see successful transformation of young students into thought-leaders in the field of Architecture. I wish all the budding Architects every success in life! Remember, the Change starts with you.

With best wishes,
Arun Kumar Aggarwal
Governing Body of Hindu School of Architecture &
The Sonepat Hindu Educational & Charitable Society, Sonepat ,

Welcome friends!

Nation building being India’s top priority today, the country needs leading architects ever more. With disruption in technology, latest trends and tools getting introduced in the field of architecture, a sound education is important and this is where Hindu School of Architecture (HSA) steps in.

HSA, Sonepat, helps future architects learn, unlearn, question, analyse, answer and bring powerful disruption in the field of Architecture. I welcome you to our world. Come, learn to build!

Prof. (Dr.) Rashmi Ashtt,
Director- Principal, Hindu School of Architecture

Architecture is a multidisciplinary and versatile field which awakens the latent creativity of an individual

so as to appreciate aesthetics, functionality and techniques

- involved in creation.

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